We draw on our many years of experience to help our customers create artwork suited for flexo printing and help to finish it so as to achieve the best possible printed quality.
Hi-Fi flexography
We have developed an entirely new plate manufacturing technology for ultra precision flexo seamless sleeves and plates.
The new technology is expanding the possibilities of flexography beyond graphic communication industries.
DDF (Digital Direct Flexography)Cliché
Digital Direct Flexography: The future of Flexo Round Cliché, as proposed by Seikodo.
Innovative printing using the latest technologies, such as the first use of seamless sleeves in Japan.
Output services / Contract production
We offer a contract production service (outsourcing).
We handle everything from film output to DDCP, photopolymer plate production, plate mounting and proofing. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
Photopolymer plates
We select the most appropriate material from a wide range of photopolymer plates and use the latest processing technologies to provide flexo plates to satisfy the particular requirements of each customer.
  • Liquid photopolymer plates
  • Solid photopolymer plates

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