DDF™ (Digital Direct Flexography)
  A supreme solution for a value added flexograpphic print industry and printable electronics industry.

Powerful support for flexo printing in the digital age, offering high-precision, high-definition, and ease of operability.

  Our original DDF cliché family(CTSS/CTS/DLA) forms images directly onto plate materials on extremely round sleeves.
  Compared to conventional methods, in which the plate is mounted on the sleeve, DDF offers superior characteristics in terms of productivity, operability, and printing reproduction.
  At last! DDF achieves high-performance endless patterns, impossible with conventional flexography.
Advantages of DDF cliché
Improved productivity
No need for mounting
  Saves time and labor, and even eliminates the need for a mounter, to save total costs.
Reduces spoilage at the beginning of a print run
  As setting the sleeve is all the setup that is required, it is possible to achieve high-precision registration.
High-speed printing
  The extremely round sleeve eliminates lift and stabilizes registration during printing.
Superior operability
Easy to load / unload
  Because plates can be loaded/unloaded quickly and easily, DDF is suited to small-lot printing.
Easy to store
  Because plates can be stored in sleeve units, they can easily be reused.
High performance
Improved printing durability
  More durable than conventional endless plates.
Fewer defects in the printing of outline letters and fine lines
Low chance for dot-jump in highlights
Virtually perfect registration
Any printing substrate can be used
  Can print on nonwoven cloth, film or paper regardless of thickness.
Achieves endless pattern printing (CTSS, DLA)
CTSS (Computer to Seamless Sleeve)
1. Sleeve
2. Pre-processing
3. Formation of polymer layer on sleeve
4. High-accuracy finish on surface
5. Imaging on the round
6. Final processes
·Primary exposure
·Post exposure
7. Finished product
Flexo round cliché formed endlessly on sleeves

  • Creation of high-definition, endless patterns by CTP
  • Seamless plates reduce the load on printing plates
  • Stability in high-speed printing
  • Eliminates the job of mounting the plate on the sleeve
CTS (Computer To plate on Sleeve)
This technology produces round cliché by mounting an un-exposed digital plate around a sleeve.The whole process is proceeded in round shape.

  • Eliminates work of mounting plate on sleeve
  • High registration due to elimination of mounting, and high definition by CTP
  • End processing with special seals
CTS / CTSS Plate Manufacturing Standard
  Image forming machine ESKO CDI
  Resolution Max: 2800 dpi / Min.: 1400 dpi
  Plate sizes Circumference: 240 mm - 1,320 mm,
Width: 1,750 mm
  Material Photopolymer resin
  Inks Water-based, UV, alcohol, and glycol inks

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