1959 April SEIKODO is founded as a cliché tradeshop in Chuo city, Tokyo
1984 October Installed a flexography CTP laser engraving machine (ZEDCO 2300), the first to be used in Japan.
1985 February Began digital pre-press for flexography using an EWS.
1986 January Began diversifying plate making methods.
  May Launched the PALOS (PAckage LayOut System) concept for pre-press.
  November Completed construction of Kanto Plant in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture.
1990 November Constructed a manufacturing workflow using Apple/Macintosh PCs throughout the company.
1994 March Established the first remote design proofing system with an integrated ISDN network.
1996 August Launched the DDF (Digital Direct Flexo) concept.
    DDF is a digital workflow concept integrating everything from DTP to CTP (Computer To Plate).
1997 July Developed the PPC (Push Pin Clip), a digital image database for package designs.
  October Installed the second DLA/laser engraving system FlexoMaster F-40/ZED.
1999 February Completed construction of Oyama Plant in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture.
2000 July Certified by the Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Corporation as an SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) contractor, and implemented a Research Study of High-Precision Flexography Plate Making Technology.
November Introduced CDI (Cyrel Digital Imager) and began digital platemaking using resin plates.
2001 June Released PackWeb.
PackWeb is a database that makes it possible to proof and manage designs on the Web.
August Certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government under the Law on Supporting Business Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises.
2002 August Selected by the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs of Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry as a company eligible for subsidies for business innovation related to the establishment of high-precision flexography plate making technology and creation of new markets.
2003 September Presented CTSS/CTS at the Asahi Kasei Corporation booth at the IGAS 2003 exhibition.
CTSS is technology for making flexo endless plates (made of photosensitive resin), an important element in the establishment of high-precision flexography plate making technology.
This technology will make it possible to produce the endless plates demanded by the packaging industry and is expected to open up new applications for flexography.
December Presented CTSS technology at a technology seminar sponsored by the FTAJ(Flexographic Technical Association of Japan).
2004 April Presented CTSS/CTS/DLA technology at the CMM Japan trade show and began to sell products using the technologies.
May Presented CTSS technology at the Korea Pack exhibition (Seoul), in cooperation with CLAIRE, and began to sell products in Korea.
June Registered as a New Market Development Support Company by the Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Center.
October Exhibited at the Flexo JAPAN tabletop (FTAJ).
  Presented a CTSS technology at the City Sales show (Milan and Madrid).
2005 April Exhibited at the A-PACK 2005 OSAKA exhibition.
September Enhanced the Pack Web server.
  Increased capacity by 10 times to cope with ever-increasing quantities of Web data, and achieved a more secure environment.
2006 January Moved headquarters to Kobunacho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
May Participated in the corporate division of COOL BIZ Team Minus 6%.
November Exhibited at Flexo JAPAN 2006 tabletop show.
2007 January Constructed a new building at Kanto Plant.
April Exhibited at neo functional material 2007.
July Adopted the advance laser driver application for DLA by ALE/UK.
August Article featuring Seikodo appeared in August issue of Convertech.
2008 July Launched to establish the SKD Compliance Management system.
September Installed TENA Flex™ plate making systems (Two lines).
  Launched DFS (Digital Flexo Suite) Concept at Kanto Plant.
  Installed EskoArtwork CDI Spark for the Digital Flexo Suite, which will be equipped the UV inliner and the back exposure unit with a fully automated transferring system by the Summer 2009.
October Exhibited at Flexo JAPAN 2008 tabletop show (FTAJ).
December Installed Kongsberg table to complete DFS concept.
2009 January Established the working group for the SKD Compliance Management system.
June Launched to establish the SKD Internal Control governance.

Kick off projects toward our 50th anniversary in coming November.


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