The packaging and containers that are such a common feature of daily life are printed using a variety of methods.
Of the various methods, flexography (or flexo for short) is regarded as being the one of the most environmentally-friendly. In Europe and North America, flexography is used for the printing on most flexible food packaging and paper containers. In Japan, however, flexography is most often used for printing on corrugated board boxes, and the flexography technology in Japan has developed alongside advancements in printing technology for cardboard boxes and improvements in design aesthetics.
Today, however, the possibilities of flexography for package printing in a various fields are becoming more widely recognized. With strict new revisions of laws and regulations to protect the environment and prevent atmospheric pollution, more and more companies are looking to fulfill their social obligations to comply with this legislation by investigating the possibilities of printing technologies. As a result, many companies are turning their attention to flexography, for its superior environmental characteristics. Another reason for the increasing popularity of flexography is that the manufacturing technology for flexography plates has become so advanced that it is now possible to achieve the same printing results as with conventional offset and gravure printing processes.
Seikodo has been working to develop flexography plate making technology since the company was established. This steady, diligent effort has resulted in the establishment of original Seikodo technology and the creation of products with new functions. Seikodo is committed to the continued pursuit of the state-of-the-art plate making technologies that will contribute to the perfection of the environmentally-friendly printing technology that today's society requires. We will continue our work to contribute to society from our corner of the printing industry.
Since 1997, we have adopted the Cyber Tradehouse as a slogan that expresses our company's activities to provide advanced technology and reliability.
As we look forward to the 50th anniversary of Seikodo's establishment in 2009, we reaffirm our company's purpose: to provide the highest possible level of service to the flexography industry, which is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.
Kenji Shimazaki
President and CEO
Seikodo Company Ltd.

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